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Facebook, Google Wave, Wikipedia, and many other websites are all out there with the idea of sharing. Facebook urges people to share their thoughts and social life. Wave is more as an electronic board that can be edited within a specific group of people. However, wikipedia is more like an online encyclopedia that is open for everyone to add to it which makes it one of a kind.

I watched the video conference with Dr. John Willinsky, Stanford University titled “Release your research, Increase your Impact: The case for open access to scholarly publishing” which was a very open minded. To have knowledge and not only information shared and open sourced is a fantastic thing to have all that data in hand, all that knowledge you pay for in taxes available for everyone to put in use.


Does your TV have HDMI input(s)? If so then use it. When I was about to buy my TV I had to search for what exactly I need on my TV. Some of the things I had to take in consideration were size, resolution, and brand. My personal preference for brand was either Sony or Samsung; I have a PS3 and I believe Sony should make its TVs technology more applicable to its products such as the PS3. Also, Samsung and Sony are sharing some of their TV’s technologies; therefore, Samsung TV was my second option.

I consider myself as a gamer so image quality does matter to me.  So when I was about to buy my TV I thought about the 720, 1080, and 1080p resolution for my screen. What I found out after researching about HD quality is that if you had a 32inch screen or less, then having a 720 or 1080 resolution does not matter due to the fact that the aspect ratio is very small that it’s not visible to the human eye. Keep that in mind when you go shopping for a TV.

Another thing I figured out after I bought my TV is that I could get a HD picture when I connect my laptop to my TV even though my laptop does not have HDMI input/output. All you need to do is to buy a converter (VGA to HDMI or S-Video to HDMI) that will upscale the picture to HD quality on your TV screen. this link is to one of those converters.

However, you have to remember that upscaling does not always give you true, good colors. In fact, upscaling could give you a bit lower resolution that the original. Take for example upscaling the game Need For Speed, which was made originally for xbox360 with resolution of 720, to 1080 for PS3 did not make the game look any better. Here is an example from :

Bottom line, if you had a DVD or a Blueray movie and want to watch it on your HD TV then using a converter such as the one mentioned above, in the case that you have no HDMI input/output, would give you an amazing image quality rather than using your VGA or S-Video.


Syncing bookmarks, toolbars, usernames, passwords, and a lot more is not an issue anymore. Mozilla Labs have released Weave to make syncing Firefox data across platforms much easier than before.

If you are using Firefox on different machines such as at work, at home, and on your phone, then Weave would be so handy for you. All you need is to set an account (user name and password) and you are good to go. Whatever you do on your Firefox, as long as you are logged in, it will sync it with any other Firefox browser you have once you logged in. However, if all  you use is just one computer then I guess just backing up your data from that browser is all you need.

Here is an image that might explain a little bit more about Weave.


SkyDrive is one of the great services Microsoft offers. This service allows the user to have a big capacity of storage, up to 25 gigabyte storage for any type of files. These files could be shared with friends or one websites. However, the only issue with this service is that you could only access it through a web browser.

SkyDrive Explorer is a free program that makes this service more easier and faster to access. It opens the storage space as a folder which makes it look like those files are on your own machine rather than online.

For those of you using  SkyDrive , SkyDrive Explorer will make your life much easier, and it’s free 😉


Google announced, a couple of weeks ago, about their new cell phone nexus one using Android 2.1 OS. nexus one which could be the new competitor to the iphone which google promises that it will have the recent technologies of the internet built in the phone. Some of its features are:


Qualcomm QSD 8250 1 GHz

Operating system

Android Mobile Technology Platform 2.1 (Eclair)

JPEG (encode and decode), GIF, PNG, BMP
H.263 (encode and decode) MPEG-4 SP (encode and decode) H.264 AVC (decode)
Audio encoders
AMR-NB 4.75 to 12.2 kbps sampled @ 8kHz

and for a full list of features visit

and this is a report from CBS comparing the iPhone with nexus one … heheee this is getting exciting lol


Sometimes you like a webpage and would like to save it on your computer; however, saving it on your computer requires saving all the images and the style-sheet file(s). I found this website PDFmyURL very interesting since they offer saving webpages into pdf format. I tried it myself and found it very easy and simple. Just copy and paste the URL you need, past it on PDFmyURL, press Enter, and VUALA! You got yourself a pdf file of that webpage.

PDFmyURL gives you the option of saving a copy of a webpage in a pdf format. It is similar to when you capture an image from your screen using “prtscrn” button on your keyboard. The only difference is that PDFmyURL will capture the entire page instead of the visible side which is the case in using “prtscrn”.

This is an image of how it looks like using PDFmyURL

and this one is just using “prtscrn”, I believe you can tell the difference 😉

This is my first post so if you have any comment please let me know.


This my first post on my Blog so here it goes. My name is Khalid, I’m in computer science, second year.  I heard this class is a lot of fun and will learn a lot about the web and technology so here I am.

I guess most of my posts on my blog are going to be about some technologies that I either have read or seen  somewhere. I try to keep my self updated with technologies out there but I have never had a blog to post my ideas or opinion about some of those technologies. This blog will be a start for me and I believe I will keep this blog ever after I finish this course.

Another thing I’m interested in is computer games (PS3 to be precise) and watching anime. One of the anime that I currently watching is Bleach. I might through out some posts about some games and anime.

Anyway, if you like what you read on my blog, I’m happy to hear that, and if you have any comment please feel free to contact me or post a comment.


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